10 laptops evaluated by international organizations, 5 domestically produced computers received five-star praise

 Recently, ICRT, the world's largest international organization that independently conducts consumer product research and testing, released a comprehensive evaluation of 10 notebook computers. Among them, 5 computer samples including Chinese brands Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Asus were obtained Five-star evaluation. The content of the test includes performance, ease of use, etc.

Today (October 20), the reporter learned from the Shenzhen Consumer Council that the results of the 2020 ICRT notebook computer comparison test project have been released recently. The 10 notebook computers that participated in the evaluation have been comprehensively evaluated. The Chinese brand Huawei MateBook 13, Lenovo Yoga C740, The five samples of Lenovo S540 15-IML, Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air 13.3, ASUS ZenBook 14 Lingyao X2 DUO have performed well in performance test, ease of use test and other aspects, and received five-star evaluation.

International Consumer Research & Testing (ICRT) is an alliance of consumer organizations in various countries and the world’s largest independent research and testing organization of consumer products. Shenzhen Consumer Council is one of its members. .

The project was jointly initiated by consumer organizations such as the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, etc. The samples participating in this test are all common brand laptops that can be purchased in the European market, and the samples are all purchased in the European market and delivered uniformly Go to the UK for testing.

This comparison test selected a total of 9 brands and 10 mainstream brands of notebook computers, namely Huawei (HuaWei), Apple (Apple), Lenovo (Lenovo), Dell (Dell), Microsoft (Microsoft), Hewlett-Packard (HP), Acer, Asus, Xiaomi. Test items include performance tests (startup, energy consumption, battery performance, processor performance), user experience tests (carrying convenience, ease of use, screen, sound quality, camera, noise), and other features (face recognition, fingerprint recognition) ), consumer brand preference survey (50 thousand sample survey results). Among them, performance testing and user experience testing have the highest weights, 45% and 35% respectively.

The Consumer Council of Shenzhen reminds that when purchasing laptops, consumers should choose laptops of different prices and grades according to their usage scenarios and budget arrangements; they can also choose laptops with suitable configurations and different performance characteristics according to their needs and personal preferences.

For example, the performance of a notebook computer is closely related to the CPU, graphics card, memory, and hard disk. If there is a need for video editing, picture editing, and gaming, it is recommended to choose a model with a discrete graphics card, 8G memory or more, and a solid-state hard drive. At present, the endurance of notebook computers on the market is more than 6-7 hours. If the endurance is less than 4 hours, you must purchase with caution, and pay attention to whether the battery has recall and replacement information. In addition, pay attention to whether the laptop is equipped with a genuine operating system. Currently, the common operating systems are MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Attachment: Participating computer test results

1. Huawei MateBook 13 (2020 model)

Reference price: 8120 yuan.

Advantages: MX 250 full blood version provides good graphics performance. It can edit pictures, cut videos, and play online games smoothly. It supports multi-screen collaboration. After the mobile phone and computer touch the link, you can interact in real time across systems. It adopts multi-touch screen, integrated touch solution, more convenient human-computer interaction, and supports three-finger sliding screen capture.

Insufficiency: Few ports, need docking

2. MacBook Pro13 (2020)

Reference price: 11992 yuan.

Advantages: fast running speed, excellent picture display, high appearance, thin and light, good sound effect.

Insufficient: MAC OS system heat dissipation is not ideal; battery power down too fast; no face unlock.

3. Yoga C740 (2020)

Reference price: 8136 yuan.

Advantages: ultra-narrow frame, light and thin metal shell, fast running speed, stable screen display and soft light.

Insufficient: There are fewer ports and adapters are needed; memory is slightly smaller.

4. Surface Book 2 13.5 (2020)

Reference price: 13,552 yuan.

Advantages: fast startup, only 10 seconds, fast running speed, touch screen display is sensitive, screen color is eye-catching, keyboard feels comfortable, screen can be folded, and speakers are good.

Insufficiency: Slightly heavier with batteries, two batteries, one on the screen and one on the keyboard, when the keyboard is removed and used as a tablet, the battery life only lasts about 3 hours.

5. Dell XPS 13 9300 (2020)

Reference price: 12648 yuan.

Advantages: excellent performance, thin and portable, large screen, fast running speed, powerful battery life, high appearance, easy to use fingerprint recognition.

Disadvantages: The speakers can be upgraded and are expensive.

6. ZenBook 14 ASUS Lingyao X2 DUO (2020)

Reference price: 10392 yuan.

Advantages: Creative laptop, with a second touch screen, face unlocking camera, distinctive appearance, fast running speed, small heel design, and good heat dissipation. Suitable for crowd fashion bloggers, image creatives, content creators.

Disadvantages: The touchpad is on the right, left-handed people may experience discomfort.

7. Spectre x360 13-aw0113na (2020)

Reference price: 10840 yuan.

Advantages: good heat dissipation; powerful functions.

Insufficiency: The speaker effect can be better; the touch panel is small.

8. Mi Laptop Air 13.3 (2019)

Reference price: 7192 yuan.

Advantages: stylish models, fast running speed, good heat dissipation, good game effects, and affordable prices.

Disadvantages: The fan is loud when starting up; the graphics card is generally effective when playing games, and the noise is loud; the memory is slightly smaller.

9. Lenovo S540 15-IML (2020)

Reference price: 6312 yuan.

Insufficiency: Slightly heavy; less ports, need adapter; slightly smaller memory; no fingerprint unlocking.

10. Aspire 3 A315-54 (2020)

Reference price: 3,424 yuan.

Advantages: large screen, 6 seconds to boot, light weight, thin and light.

Disadvantages: no solid state drive, slower speed.