2019 GDP ranking TOP20 of the world


2019 GDP rankings of countries in the world, TOP20

In 2019, the world's GDP has been released. The United States, China, Japan, Germany, India, and the United Kingdom rank the top six, respectively, with US$21,431,552 million, US$14,363,577 million, US$50827.82 billion, US$3,846,633 million, US$2852.136 billion, and US$282.718 billion. , my country is almost equivalent to 3 Japan.

The following are the top 20 countries and regions in terms of GDP in 2019.

2019 GDP ranking TOP20 of the world

According to CNN's forecast using World Bank data, by the end of this year, China's share of global GDP may rise by about 1.1 percentage points. As a contrast, in 2020, the United States and Europe's share of global GDP will decline slightly.

In terms of specific data, by the end of 2020, the value of China's economy is expected to reach US$14.6 trillion, which is roughly equivalent to 17.5% of global GDP.

What about the United States, Europe, and Japan? According to the World Bank’s forecast, the US GDP will decline by 6.1% in 2020 and will grow by 4% next year; while the Eurozone’s GDP will shrink by 9.1% this year and grow by 4.5% next year. As for Japan, the World Bank predicts that Japan's GDP will decline by 6.1% in 2020!