Christmas classic movie recommendation


Christmas is coming soon, and the festive atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger with the advent of December. Watching Christmas movies is one of the traditions of Christmas. Today, the committee members are here to summarize some classic movies related to Christmas. Although, you may have watched it, but taking advantage of Christmas to relive the classics, isn’t it more atmospheric! Remember to serve a cup of hot milk tea when watching a movie!


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True love is supreme | Love Actually


Christmas film



Synopsis : This film is a romantic comedy written by well-known director Richard Curtis. Most of the actors in the play are British actors. The film was released in 2003. The film consists of 10 stories strung together into a hodgepodge. The characters know each other and are connected, and the whole film is connected as a whole. The background time starts before Christmas, and the story comes to an end a week after Christmas. There are big-name actors and veteran British gentleman Hugh Grant, "British Rose" Carla Knightley Keira Knightley, and our favorite gentleman agent Colin Firth, and Snape we will always miss Professor Alan Rickman... In addition, there are many Christmas-related movie theme songs in the film, which are also very popular.


Recommended reason : "True Love First" is definitely the Top 3 on the Christmas must-see movie list. Not only is Christmas appropriately chosen as the background for the plot, but at the same time, every short story revolves around "love", and how to love is almost perfectly explained in the play. What is left in the minds of the committee members now, in addition to the cardboard confession of good friends, which interprets forbearance of love, there are also children who like girls in the class, who are just beginning to understand love... If you have not read it, or some of the clips have been forgotten, So this Christmas, relive this classic with your loved ones and those who love you!



Christmas Eve Miracle | Noel


Christmas movie film



Plot summary : On Christmas Eve in modern New York, when people no longer boo and ask for warmth, five people who have never known before will rediscover the true meaning of Christmas. Jera finds the courage to step out of the haze. The tragedy of Yati (Aaron Arkin) reminds Mike to cherish the relationship with Nina (Penelope Cruz). At the same time, Rose (Susan Saran) Deng) found a new hope in life, and an unexpected friendship woke her up. No one is truly alone on Christmas Eve...


Recommended reason : Christmas or Valentine's Day is especially easy to show this kind of chicken soup movie. In addition to commercial and celebrity effects, it also reminds everyone of the true meaning of life. Eason Chan's "Christmas Knot" sang the loneliness of Christmas, but this film tells everyone to have hope in life, because you are the next miracle!



Love Holiday | The Holiday


Christmas movie film



Plot summary : Alice (played by Kate Winslet) lives in a rural village in London, England, and Amanda (played by Cameron Diaz) is an American beauty in Los Angeles. They are at both ends of the world, but they have encountered the same problem: they have suffered emotional frustration, and their lives have been dull. The two were chatting online, discussing how to live in each other's environment before Christmas, and exchange their residences as a holiday venue. Thus, an exciting trip began. Alice came to the American metropolis, while Amanda took a flight to the British countryside with a British atmosphere. In addition to the fresh living environment, local encounters caught them off guard.


Reason for recommendation : This play is directed by female director Nancy Meyers (Nancy Meyers). In the play, Nancy Meyers shows the unique and delicate side of female perspective. At the same time, "Love Holiday" is also a heart-warming movie. It is very suitable for Christmas to watch. Even if you are alone, you will feel warm in your heart.



Polar Express | The Polar Express


Christmas movie film



Plot summary : The little boy always believes in the existence of Santa Claus, but the adults and playmates around him think that this is just his naive wishful thinking. On Christmas Eve, the little boy was finally rewarded for his persistence. In his sleep, he suddenly felt the house tremble, and a long train stopped in front of his house. When he opened the door tremblingly, the kind conductor invited him to a Christmas party in the North Pole. Anxious Klaus got on the train and found many friends like him. So the excited little boy started his Arctic carnival...


Reason for recommendation : Maybe every child has thought about this question: Does Santa Claus really exist? The committee member remembered that when he was young, he received a long-awaited drawing board. Mom said it was given by Santa Claus. The committee member rushed to the yard happily, thank God! When I grow up I understand who I should be thankful for. Perhaps, as adults, we are very busy now, so busy forgetting to think about whether there is a problem with Santa Claus. The movie "Polar Express" will calm us down and be pure children again. When you finish watching the movie, remember to look outside your window and see if Santa Claus is flying by with a reindeer!



Christmas Carol | A Christmas Carol


Christmas movie film



Synopsis : Ebenezer Scrooge (voiced by Jim Carrey), a mean and cruel miser, looks like he hates all celebrations around him in the face of a warm Christmas. Christmas is approaching, and he tries his best to exploit his loyal and reliable employee Bob Cletchet (voiced by Gary Oldman) and his hearty and optimistic nephew Fred (voiced by Colin Firth) . Ebenezer had no intention of enjoying his vacation at all, but what Ebenezer could not imagine was that he dreamed of the ghost of his recently deceased partner Joseph Marley (voiced by Gary Oldman). He hopes to take the opportunity to help Ebenezer and avoid regretting that he will embark on his old path in the future. Joseph told Ebenezer that there will be three ghosts visiting him after him... Soon, these three will be called the "spirit of the past", "spirit of the present" and "spirit of the future" of Christmas. (Voiced by Jim Carrey) The ghost found him and awakened the other side of humanity...


Recommended reason : "A Christmas Carol" (2009 edition) is Disney's first film released in IMAX 3D. The expressions of the characters in the film are all done through "performance capture", and there are three heavyweight actors dubbing. In addition, "A Christmas Carol" is based on the 1843 novel of the same name by Charles Dickens, one of Britain's greatest writers. Many plots in the play will make babies who have read the original feel more cordial.



The Nightmare Before Christmas | The Nightmare Before Christmas


Christmas movie film



Synopsis : The ghosts of Halloween Town only know how to scare people, but Jack the Pumpkin Prince is tired of bringing people scared and wants to make a change. Once the door of Christmas Town was opened, Jack's heart was ignited to lead his brothers to make Christmas joy. However, the ghosts of Halloween Town don't seem to understand the deep meaning. Jack kidnapped Santa Claus and ordered the guys to start making Christmas gifts. How can the only scary brothers of Halloween Town make a joyous gift. As a result, scary gifts will be thrown to the children on Christmas Eve. When Jack is sending out gifts in an artificial deer cart, an anti-aircraft cannon is aimed at this poor worm who is good at doing bad things...


Reason for recommendation : Disney’s cartoons are almost equivalent to being marked with high-quality labels. With the addition of ghost director Tim Burton as the screenwriter, the always cute and warm cartoon protagonists have become a group of "ghosts", but this is not The main theme that hinders the Disney animation is still a cartoon suitable for adults and children to watch together!



How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Christmas movie film



Plot summary : There is Hugu Town on the Muffin Mountain. The townspeople’s favorite Christmas is coming soon. The town is full of lights and bright colors. However, on a garbage mountain north of Hugu Town, there lived a "monster" Grinch that everyone feared. He hates Hugu Town and even Christmas, so he often teases the townspeople. But during a riot in Hugu Town, Grinch met the little girl Cindy. Cindy invites Grinch to a party in town, but a mistake makes Grinch leave in anger. He decided to retaliate against the townspeople. On Christmas Day, he took his dog Max, disguised as Santa Claus and reindeer, and sneaked into Hugu Town quietly...


Recommended reason : Jim Carre (Jim Carre) is a former comedy brother. His rich body movements and facial expressions can make the plot very vivid. This movie is also very suitable for the whole family to watch, and the warm and joyful plot is very suitable for Christmas.



Arthur Christmas | Arthur Christmas


Christmas movie



Plot summary : In the remote North Pole, Santa’s eldest son Steve is developing and designing high-tech transport equipment-Christmas spacecraft, and a group of elf scouts undergoing strict military training. They work overtime day and night. Local training has only one purpose: to deliver Christmas gifts. It is precisely because of them that Santa Claus can deliver gifts to every child on time and without landing. But this Christmas, Santa Claus carelessly missed a gift. In order to deliver the gift before dawn, Santa’s youngest son, Arthur, embarked on a fun and exciting emergency delivery mission.


Recommended reason : This animation is really festive for Christmas. It is full of joy and warmth. The shapes of Santa Claus and elves are also very cute and smart. The task details are especially exquisite. The whole movie is very suitable for watching at Christmas!



Home Alone | Home Alone




Plot summary : The annual Christmas is here, and the whole family is busy going out to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Unexpectedly, they make mistakes during their busy schedule, leaving the youngest member of the family-8-year-old Kevin at home. Mom and Dad were anxious, but at this time they were already out of town, and they were helpless for a while. Kevin is so happy, it is rare that he is alone at home, and Kevin has arranged his home as a "playground". However, the two thieves who had just been released from prison set their sights on Kevin's house. When they sneaked into Kevin's house, Kevin played a "game" with the two dumb thieves by relying on the family's "playground mechanism". Can Kevin finally win this "game"?


Reason for recommendation : I watched this drama with my parents when I was very young. Now I don't remember the specific jokes anymore. I just remember that it is one of the best comedies I have seen when I was a kid. Now the grown-up child star Macaulay Culkin (Macaulay Culkin) keeps his most innocent and clever look in this movie. There are also two follow-ups, which are very suitable for a holiday nest on the sofa eating popcorn to relive it again!



Main School of the Anglican Church | Nativity!


Christmas movie film



Plot summary : It’s another Christmas season, and Paul McDonald (played by Martin Freeman), an elementary school teacher of the Anglican Church’s main school, boasted in front of everyone and promised to bring the best review to the town Show, boasting that his ex-girlfriend Jennifer will turn this Christmas show into a movie as a Hollywood producer. But the expectations from all parents and children and the pressure from everyone to take this opportunity to make a fortune made Paul a dilemma. The only hope is that Jennifer, who has not been in contact for several years, can contact Hollywood and come to the town. In the end...


Reason for recommendation : In this movie, you can see the young and young look of Peanut, the good partner of Roll Fu. If you are confused about your dreams, you might as well watch this movie. It says that it doesn't matter whether your dream is finally realized or not. What matters is whether you have a dream and whether you are working hard for it. Is it super positive?



Christmas Elf | Elf


Christmas movie film



Plot summary : On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus (Edward Asner played by Edward Asner) came to an orphanage to give Christmas gifts to homeless children. A naughty little baby accidentally climbed into Santa’s toy bag and was brought back to the North Pole by Santa. Santa took in this unexpected visitor and raised him together with the help of the elves. adult. But as he grew older, he (played by Will Ferrell) grew to be three times larger than the other elves, so everyone gave him the nickname "Big Buddy." . By chance, Buddy learned that he was not an elven race but a human, so he embarked on a journey to New York to find his family. When he found his family, new problems came up again. How should he get in touch with family members he has never met before?


Reason for recommendation : The play first became popular on Broadway, and it was also staged in London in the form of a stage play. Especially during Christmas, the advertisements of "Christmas Elf" in subway stations will be overwhelming. However, the stage play version and the movie version are completely different sensory experiences, and the fare of stage play is generally more expensive. However, if you have time, you can still watch the movie. At least this movie tells you the true meaning of Christmas!



Four Christmases | Four Christmases


Christmas movie film



Plot summary : Brad (played by Vince Vaughn) and his girlfriend Kate (played by Reese Witherspoon) are unmarried and childless couples, living an ordinary life. Christmas was originally a happy holiday for family reunion, but Brad and Kate had misery. Both of their parents are divorced, so on Christmas, they have to visit the four separated parents. The running back and forth made Christmas their busiest and most helpless "working day"...


Recommended reason : Although this kind of popcorn movie can guess the ending after watching the beginning, it still attracts the audience to watch it. The sense of humor created in the film can let everyone put off the busyness, and it is a good medicine to laugh with friends and family during the festival.



Santa Clause | The Santa Clause


Christmas movie film



Plot summary : This movie is about the adventures of a divorced father and his 8-year-old son at Christmas. Santa Claus was injured after falling from the roof, and his father had to wear Santa’s outfit, but he really became Santa Claus-he became fatter, his beard was white, and a group of deer and elves appeared around him!


Reason for recommendation : Even if we are sensible, we have experienced wind, rain and vicissitudes, when facing the innocent eyes of children, we still can't bear to tell them, "There is no Santa Claus in this world." In this case, let us believe in the existence of Santa Claus! A joyous comedy that can make everyone laugh at Christmas.



Fate is doomed | Serendipity


Christmas movie film



Plot summary : On an ordinary, hectic Christmas Eve, Jonathan (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) meet. Within a few hours of knowing each other, they fell in love with each other incorrigibly. Although, they each have their own circle of life and their own partners. After they wandered the streets of Manhattan happily all night, dawn came and they had to face reality. Sarah rejected Jonathan's request to exchange numbers and said that everything is up to God. A few years passed quickly, and they never met again. At this time, Jonathan was ready to step into the marriage hall, and Sarah also received her boyfriend's engagement ring. It's just that a book or a movie poster can remind them of that Christmas Eve a few years ago. On the eve of the wedding, Jonathan began to look for Sara by relying on clues left over a few years ago...


Recommended reason : "Destiny" is a very strange thing, it is desperate, but also full of hope. The hero and heroine in the play missed, missed and missed, and finally met again is still very bumpy. Although we must be full of hope for destiny, the committee members believe that holding fate and opportunity in their own hands is a matter of man-made, right?



What a wonderful life | It's a Wonderful Life


Christmas movie



Plot summary : The film tells the protagonist George who lost faith in life on Christmas Eve and is about to commit suicide. So God sent an angel to help him through this crisis. Under the guidance of angels, the upright and kind George saw that if he did not come into this world, many people's lives would become miserable and painful. From this, he understood the value of his life and renewed his courage in life. Although it has been more than 70 years since the filming, black-and-white films are not as good as modern films today, but the warmth and positive attitude conveyed by the film has always influenced generations of film viewers and has been received by many film critics. Considered one of the most classic Christmas movies.


Reason for recommendation : This 1946 film directed by Frank Capra is a film that praises family, friendship, and love. Some people also say that this is an inspirational film suitable for ordinary people. In the film, George gave up his dream for the sake of his family and friends, but when he was about to give up, he changed his mind and found his own value because of the arrival of the angel. I think we often ask ourselves what would become of this world without me. The committee members believe that if you treat life sincerely, life will definitely treat you kindly!



Alright, the above is the Christmas video recommended by the committee members. In fact, there are more Christmas-related movies too late to share with you. However, the committee members sincerely hope that every baby can spend this warm festival happily! Merry Christmas!