China's e-cigarette rankings for the third quarter are released: there are always newcomers in the top ten, and Internet celebrity brands drop the list again

 Comments on brands on the list:

1. RELX continues to dominate.

RELX’s share of 75% in the second quarter rose to 86% in the third quarter. Although RELX did not release new products this season, it launched a very scarce life science laboratory in the industry , which aroused attention and discussion, and it also went out of circles to discuss technology, society, medicine and other circles.

RELX continues to lead the list, which is not good news for the industry and friends, but it is not RELX’s fault. The Matthew effect in the industry is highly polarized, and the strong are getting stronger and stronger. If the brands behind do not have the opportunity to overtake on the corners, they can only continue to become the long tail, and cannot become the head mental camp.

However, being able to bite now is strength, and only at the poker table can you have the opportunity to continue playing cards.

2. The second camp: Non-self, Bode, YOOZ, Leimi and Magic Flute.

The non-self jumped so fast, only 14 in the second quarter, jumped to second in the third quarter, can be called a rocket. It is not the reason why my mind has risen. We analyzed two points. One is to make full use of the Shenzhen e-cigarette exhibition in August. It held offline press conferences and online brand roadshows , released three new products, and developed chip anti-counterfeiting. Technology, even its brand attitude and booth design have also attracted attention and discussion, and intensive discussions have been done at key points in time. The second point is that the free rod-delivery activities not taken by me will also radiate more users, leading to an increase in the rate of mentions.

Platinum returned to the top three, ranking eighth in the second quarter and third in the third quarter. BOD participated in the Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in August and released new Fisher-Price e-liquid, small steel cannon and Kate series new products. In September, it submitted PMTA in the United States , becoming the first e-cigarette brand in China to submit e-cigarette PMTA. These two things fully mobilized the attention and discussion of users.

YOOZ's ranking dropped one place, with little change, ranking fourth. In the third quarter, YOOZ launched several new flavors , released the franchise policy and 10-day franchise record of franchise stores , and even released data on the monthly volume of cigarette pops exceeding 2 million . Franchisees can better understand YOOZ related information.

Leimi has risen from 17th to 5th in the second quarter, which is also a rapid rise. Laimi conducted an online roadshow in the third quarter and released new fogging products and HNB-related products. Due to its special investor background, it has aroused discussion and attention in the industry. In addition, HNB is in the hot discussion stage, and its ranking has also risen. In reason.

The Magic Flute dropped two places and ranked sixth. Magic Die performed well in the third quarter. It released a store policy and a year-end target plan . In terms of products, Modi C and Modi X will be released . Since the products have not yet entered the hands of users, topics in this area are discussed and mentioned. The rate is slightly lacking.

YOOZ and Magic Die have been in the forefront for two consecutive quarters, which also shows that these two brands have a relatively solid foundation and have not changed drastically.

3. The third camp: Western Su, Jigan, VAZO, Weita, Firearms, Xiwu.

Xisu ranked 7th and 18th in the second quarter, showing significant progress. Xisu released the store policy and double-festival promotions this season , coupled with its unique Internet channel gameplay, allows the headquarters and the store to pay attention to sales data very clearly. This is a differentiated model with differentiation. There will be discussions.

Jigan ranked 8th and ranked 6th in the second quarter. The presence is not high, there is not much to say.

VAZO ranked 9th and 13th in the second quarter, making it into the top ten for the first time. VAZO released the store policy and intelligent personalized customization of atomizers in the season . Agents can better find the topic, especially the personalized customization function, differentiation and personalization, and users are more concerned.

Only it ranked 10th and 7th in the second quarter, with a slight decline. The only feature is that the brand is more differentiated, and the CEO has a strong ability to engage in topics. In the third quarter, it released the entry-level renewal product 2.0 new bie product, which needs to be strengthened in terms of product and brand topic landing.

Firearms ranked 11th and did not enter the top 20 list in the second quarter, showing significant progress. Firearms did a lot of things in the third quarter, continuously completing the acquisition of NOS e-cigarettes and the acquisition of Safin e-cigarettes , and announced the release of two new products at the Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Exhibition , which drove topical attention through the acquisition and release of new products.

Xiwu ranked 12th and ranked 8th in the second quarter. Xiwu did not release new products in the third quarter, and user discussions were relatively low.

4. The fourth camp: Bolan, Fugou, Bleeding, Yishuang, Fulu, Engraved Rice.

Bolan dropped from 10th to 13th, Fugou, Bianwei, and Yishuang made the list for the first time, Fulu dropped from 5th to 17th, and Kemi dropped from 15th to 18th.

5. Falling camps: Snow Plus, Profound, Feixi, Whale, VPO, Ono.

SnowPlus dropped from the second place in the second quarter to the third quarter. It was deeply dropped from the 11th place, Feixi dropped from the 12th place, the Whale dropped from the 16th place, and the VPO dropped from the 19th place. Falling out of the list, Ono dropped out of the list from No. 20.

Analysis of drop list: Most e-cigarette brands did not release new products in the third quarter, did not discuss topics, and did not disclose development information. Whether from an industry perspective or a user perspective, there was no relevant information on the ground, and it is not unexpected to drop the list.

6. Where are the other brands that you think are good?

Every time we receive a message asking why the XX brand hasn’t been seen. We have included monitoring and analysis for most brands, but the data samples of the season are very small, making it difficult to enter the list for discussion. These brands include: Snow Plus, Ono, AUV, MK, Whale, Feixi, Profound, VPO, Yiwu, NOS, INS, YMK, Shanlan, Aiwei, VOZOL, Yingzhuo, HOPO, Doo, bink, Van Gogh, etc.

In addition, the new e-cigarette brand MYX Mi, which was just released in August, will be included in the monitoring scope in the fourth quarter. If there is any missing brand, please leave a message and let us know.

Comprehensive analysis: there must be "things" to be on the list

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the brands on the list must have done a lot of actions during the season, such as new product releases, such as the release of specialty store policies, such as channel mode game differentiation, and more topics that can be publicly indexed.

In addition, we also want to declare that the blue hole rankings are only a comprehensive evaluation of the topic discussions and mental share of e-cigarette brands on social platforms according to the algorithm, and do not represent the true sales status and market share of the brand.

Judging from the list of the three quarters of this year, the list will change with the actions of the brand every quarter, and it is not static. We also congratulate the brands on the list. The brands that temporarily fall off the list do not need to be discouraged. Match the relevant information according to the development of the company. Action, it is not impossible to be on the list.

The above list only provides part of the reference for the Chinese e-cigarette industry in terms of brands, and you don't need to be too serious and persistent. This list does not endorse any e-cigarette brand, nor does it conduct any commercial affairs such as paying to enter the list or hit the list.