Fitness arena: Top 10 fitness equipment rankings

 or fitness people, one thing is indispensable for gymnasiums-fitness equipment. There are so many fitness equipment that it is difficult to count, or single-function trainers, or multi-function equipment, or fixed or flexible equipment.

Do not seek full proficiency, but only seek to be suitable for yourself and practice well.

Weapons are like weapons, and methods are like exercises. When weapons and exercises are combined, they become the two magic weapons for us to develop a perfect body.

Next, we will take stock of those magic weapons in the gym. Among these, which one is your favorite?

Weapon 1: Treadmill

Fat loss index: ★★★

Muscle Gain Index: ★★

Commonly used index: ★★★★★

It is still popular after 50 years of debut. This is the strength of the treadmill.

You can travel thousands of miles a day regardless of geographical restrictions, break through the obstacles of wind and rain, seek change in the constant, and move forward.

Professional skills: use the displacement of the pace to consume energy, beat fat, detect heartbeat, adjust cardiopulmonary function . Unique conveyor belt shock absorber, reduce joint impact, more natural and safer.

How to use: Choose one of multiple modes of fat loss, cardiopulmonary, and mountaineering; start from walking and transition gradually; strength varies from person to person, so don’t force it; switch to brisk walking when you stop, and don’t stop suddenly ; pay attention to your hands Swing your arms to balance your body.

Fitness arena: Top 10 fitness equipment rankings

Weapon 2: Rowing Machine

Fat loss index: ★★★☆

Muscle Gain Index: ★★★

Commonly used index: ★★★

Waterless boats, rowing on land, are rowing machines.

Professional skills: Imitate the boating exercise to strengthen the muscles of the muscles of the legs, waist, upper limbs, chest and back of the fitness hero, and fully stretch the muscles of the body .

Move the whole body with one stroke. Each time the arm is flexed and extended on the rowing machine, about 90% of the extensors can be exercised.

It is the love of fitness Xiaobai, and Jianghu praises its reputation as "King of Aerobics".

How to use: Start with low resistance, hold the handle, and pay attention to moderate tightness . Bend your knees toward your chest, lean your upper body slightly forward, raise your head, and avoid hunched over .

Fitness arena: Top 10 fitness equipment rankings

Push your legs hard to straighten your legs while pulling your hands to the upper abdomen. When the legs are fully straightened, lean the body backward for best results.

After that, straighten your arms, bend your knees, move your body forward, and return to the state it was at the beginning. Repeat this cycle and practice many times.

Weapon 3: Kettlebell

Fat loss index: ★★★☆

Muscle Gain Index: ★★★

Commonly used index: ★★★

It started in the fighting race Russia . It is made of iron. It has a round body and a single handle. It is shaped like a kettle, so the people of the rivers and lakes are called " kettlebells ."

Professional skills: while enhancing explosive power, mobilize more muscle groups to participate in the force, instantly burn fat like a fire, achieve high-speed fat removal and muscle training effect;

Persisting in training can improve cardiopulmonary function, which is loved by Hercules.

How to use: Kettlebell training is flexible and changeable. It can swing, deadlift, squat, throw and jump. Professional kettlebell models and weights vary. According to the weight, there are 10KG, 15KG, 20KG, 25KG, 30KG, 50KG and other specifications.

Beginners start from the lighter weight to advance through the levels.

Fitness arena: Top 10 fitness equipment rankings

Weapon 4: Battle Rope

Fat loss index: ★★★★

Muscle gain index: ★★★☆

Commonly used index: ★★★☆

The appearance of the battle rope is really ordinary, extremely inconspicuous.

Generally speaking, the battle rope has a diameter of 3.5-5.5cm, a length between 9m-20m, and a weight of 15KG.

These two ugly "big ropes", like the "God of War" on the fitness field, have quickly become popular in the fitness circle in recent years.

Professional skills: With a flick of the battle rope, the energy in the body will burst instantly and reach the core muscles. The intensity is great, and it can exhaust all energy in a few minutes. It is an excellent master for burning calories and improving cardiopulmonary function.

Fitness people holding battle ropes will slowly spit out the word "tired" after a hearty training !

The battle rope also has a gentle side. When the rope is thrown, the impact on the knee joint is small. People with knee injuries can also use the battle rope to burn fat.

How to use: Fix one end of the rope, hold the other end with both hands, stand the spine; tighten the waist and abdomen, relax the joints; use the shoulders instead of the elbow joints .

There are many kinds of battle ropes, which can be cross wave battle ropes, or same-hand wave battle ropes, open and close jumping battle ropes, and left and right strong throw battle ropes. All levels, step by step, and finally reach the power slam .

Fitness arena: Top 10 fitness equipment rankings

Once the speed of throwing the rope increases, the shadow of the rope is often not seen, as the writer Gu Long said: "There is no trace, there is no trace, there is no quality, it is as fast as electricity, and as soft as hair."

Weapon Five: Dumbbells

Fat loss index: ★★★★

Muscle gain index: ★★★★☆

Common Index: ★★★★☆

If the rowing machine is the "King of Aerobics", dumbbells are the "King of Fitness Equipment".

The thin irons in the middle and the big ends often appear in pairs, with different weights, mostly 10, 15, 30kg, etc. They are called "dumbbells" because they are silent during practice.

Hold a pair of dumbbells and practice all over your body. Fitness without dumbbells is incomplete after all.

Professional skills: Long-term hard work with dumbbells is very beneficial to perfect muscle lines, increase muscle endurance , and strengthen muscle fibers .

If fitness heroes want to make breakthroughs in upper limb muscles, waist and abdomen muscles, and lower limb muscles to increase muscle strength, dumbbell training is essential.

How to use: Dumbbells are the universal messenger of fitness arena. There are so many tricks that you can't list them all. Or standing, or sitting, or squatting, or lying down, all can be complementary.

Fitness arena: Top 10 fitness equipment rankings

Common moves include dumbbell fly, dumbbell two-head curl, dumbbell bench press, etc., which correspond to different muscle groups