Global 2000 rankings丨367 Chinese companies on the list, ICBC topped the list for 8 consecutive years

 Recently, an organization released the list of the 18th Global 2000 Top Companies. The list is selected based on corporate sales, profits, assets, and market value. The companies on the list are the largest, most influential, and most valuable companies in the world. In this regard, Southern has compiled the following information based on relevant data.

Global 2000 rankings丨367 Chinese companies on the list, ICBC topped the list for 8 consecutive years

In the selection of the top 2000 global enterprises, ICBC has ranked first for the eighth time in a row, and its market value has remained the first in the domestic financial industry, reaching 1.82 trillion yuan. In addition to this list, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has won seven consecutive titles in the UK's "The Banker" Global 1000, the US's Fortune 500 commercial bank sub-list, and the UK's Brand Finance Global 500 Bank Brand Value has won four consecutive titles.

In 2019, ICBC’s total assets exceeded RMB 30 trillion, savings deposits exceeded RMB 10 trillion, and net profit exceeded RMB 300 billion, achieving a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change. At the same time, the non-performing loan ratio, provision coverage ratio, and capital adequacy ratio improved simultaneously, and word of mouth Fully affirmed.

Today, when financial technology is getting more and more attention, ICBC has opened up online and offline, inside and outside the boundaries, and comprehensively created an open and interconnected financial ecosystem, and shared business operations. It established ICBC Technology Co., Ltd. in Xiongan New Area and established a financial technology research institute. , Established 5G, blockchain and other laboratories, released the smart banking ecosystem ECOS 1.0, and built a dual-core IT architecture of "host + open platform". The results marked the entry of ICBC's "Smart Bank" and "Digital Bank" construction New stage.

China Construction Bank ranked second on the list, while last year's second place was JP Morgan Chase, which fell to third this year.

At present, China Construction Bank has a cumulative market value of 1.58 trillion yuan, ranking fifth among listed banks in the world, and ranking second among global banks in terms of Tier 1 capital. According to the China Construction Bank's 2019 annual report, the group's assets reached 25.44 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.53% over the previous year; net profit was 269.222 billion yuan, an increase of 5.32% over the previous year; the average return on assets and the weighted average return on net assets were respectively The profitability is 1.11% and 13.18%, leading among domestic and foreign peers; non-performing and overdue loan ratios are 1.42% and 1.15% respectively, and asset quality is stable and improving; capital adequacy ratio is 17.52%, an increase of 0.33 percentage points from the previous year , The foundation of development continues to be consolidated.

Among the four major banks in my country, the Agricultural Bank of China and the Bank of China have both entered the top ten on the list, ranking fifth and tenth respectively. In addition, the top ten Chinese companies among the top ten global companies are Ping An, and the rest are four American companies: JP Morgan Chase, Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, and Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Aramco.

The list data as of April 30, the threshold for companies to go public is 5.27 billion U.S. dollars, and last year this figure was 6.25 billion U.S. dollars.

On the whole, the 2000 companies on the list have a combined operating income of 42.3 trillion US dollars, a combined net profit of 3.3 trillion US dollars, a total of 201.4 trillion US dollars in assets, and a total market value of 54.3 trillion US dollars. Although the market value and net profit of most companies have declined, pharmaceutical and biotech companies have performed well. The main representative is Yalixiong Pharmaceutical, which has risen 700 places from last year to 796, which is the largest increase in this list Business.

According to the distribution of countries or regions, the United States has the largest number of companies on the list, with 588; China has 367 companies on the list, of which 266, 58 and 43 are in the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; in addition, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Canada There are 217, 77, and 61 companies on the list respectively.

The complete list of Chinese companies on the list is attached below.

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