How to choose the right mouse pad

 Although the mouse pad is an inconspicuous little peripheral, when the price of your mouse is more than 100 yuan, then a mouse pad that suits you will often help you more than a more expensive mouse.

This article will tell you how to choose a mouse pad that suits you.

Mouse pads can be divided into "slow pads" and "fast pads". Let's talk about the difference between them.

The "slow mat" is generally a fine-faced mouse pad, characterized by very fine surface texture, and the mat is very soft and thick, which can increase the contact area between the mouse pad and the mouse and increase the friction, so it is called "slow mat" ".

How to choose the right mouse pad

Slow cushions can provide good control, allowing you to be more precise when aiming and headshots. At the same time, due to the existence of resistance, when your hand shakes, the reaction of the mouse will not be so obvious. It feels that the mouse is more stable. .

But the disadvantage is that if the mouse is frequently operated, it will increase the burden on the wrist and make the wrist more prone to fatigue. So slow mats are more suitable for players with arm flow and low DPI playing FPS games (such as chicken, CS).

It is also for this reason that fine-faced mouse pads are generally made very long and large, just to meet the needs of FPS players with arm flow.

"Quick mat" is generally rough, with sparse surface textures, which can reduce the contact area between the mouse pad and the mouse, reduce friction, and allow you to move the mouse more easily, so it is called "fast mat".

How to choose the right mouse pad

The control of the fast pad is not as good as the slow pad, but because its friction is relatively small, it can make your wrist less tired when you operate the mouse frequently for a long time.

Therefore, Kuaipad is more suitable for players who use high DPI to play MOBA games (such as LOL, DOTA).

Knowing the difference between fast pad and slow pad, I believe you already know which type of mouse pad to choose.