Steady development of offline e-cigarette specialty stores

 The “online sales ban” blocked the online channels of e-cigarettes, and various e-cigarette brands had to increase their support for offline channels, and they took out subsidy funds to compete for channel resources. For a while, e-cigarettes were online The lower channels are blooming everywhere.


According to data from the Prospective Industry Research Institute, before the "online sales ban", including online self-operated stores of various e-cigarette brands and e-commerce platforms, online channels accounted for more than 80% of China's e-cigarette sales. In contrast, the construction of offline channels is still in its infancy, including convenience stores and small merchants, supermarkets, specialty stores and other sales channels that account for only 19.4% .


But nowadays, the advantage of specialty store sales is that it can increase brand exposure and establish brand image, which also makes offline e-cigarette channels a must for players.


Take RELX as an example. At the beginning of this year, its two brand flagship stores have been launched in the core business districts of Beijing and Shanghai. In the anti-epidemic context at that time, in response to the country’s call for “stabilizing employment”, RELX also launched a series of solid measures to “stabilize employment and protect entrepreneurship” during the epidemic .


It is reported that May of this year, RELX Wyatt carved rapid growth in the number of stores, it has a total breakthrough 2500 home this year only 1-5 months, there are over 1000 Jia RELX Wyatt engraved shop floor opened. It is understood that in the next 3 total investment of 6 billion yuan to develop 1 Wanjia stores.


Beginning in November last year, Yishuang also began pilot operations of 20 offline stores in many cities across the country Gong Zijia said that after nearly a year of hard work, all stores of Yishuang are now profitable. Yishuang also summed up a set of offline operation methodology, which can help franchisees avoid subsequent store operation risks.


Liu Dongyuan, the founder of the atomized cigarette brand vitavp Weita, revealed that Weita started operating offline stores in March 2019. Currently, it has opened more than 200 offline stores , and 90% of them are profitable. He said that from 8 Yue 22 after the show ended in Shenzhen electronic cigarette, begin every 12 Ge Xiaoshi open a steady growth in stores in a month time to open up 50 stores.


With the above-mentioned mainstream e-cigarette brands frantically opening offline brand specialty stores, competition in offline channels has become increasingly fierce. E-cigarette brands often distribute goods for free first, and there is no charge for joining. After the products are on the shelves, there are subsidies for opening stores.


9 Yue 18 days, Yi Shuang declared that "thousands of stores in malls," the network plan, the highest goods make up 3.6 million and there are 2 Wan opened spree. One week ago, Wei it released a new subsidy policy for specialty stores: the maximum subsidy for the first store in the region is about 320,000 . These include decoration subsidies, rent subsidies, product subsidies and opening gift packages.


The subsidy policies of various brands have allowed agents and shopkeepers to start large-scale shops.


Tang Chaoying, the owner of an e-cigarette specialty store, revealed to the "Forefront of Entrepreneurship" that he opened the first Xiwu offline specialty store in November last year, located in the brand-new shopping mall Greenland Binfencheng in Wuhan.


At first he was very worried, because based on years of retail experience, he had already made a good psychological expectation of losing half a year. As a result, I didn't expect that in just one month, the sales volume in the store would reach 50,000 to 60,000. As sales continued to rise, Tang Chaoying's second Xiwu specialty store in Wuhan quickly opened in December.


S1 electronic cigarette product launched by Xiwu

When he was preparing to flex his muscles and continue to open a store, the epidemic arrived first. However, during the epidemic, the fixed customer base and careful operation in the fan base made his store's performance not bad.


ROCKETS to "the forefront of entrepreneurship" calculations, the cost of his shop each store within 10 million, of which, the monthly rent at about 8 thousand dollars, three pay three charge needs 5 or so million and renovated 2 million and stocking need 2 million, plus security deposit 1 million. The electronic cigarette sales in his first month old can be up to 3 more than 10000.


"Basically it won't lose money." With the epidemic under control, he opened 8 more stores non-stop .


Recently, Tang Chaoying has reached cooperation with Weita, Laimi, Yuzu, etc., and plans to build an e-cigarette collection store brand in the future and replicate it nationwide in the form of franchise.


    Tang Chaoying is not the only one who is tempted to open an offline e-cigarette store.


According to Gong Zijia, most of Yishuang stores are already planning to open the second and third Yishuang franchise stores.


At the same time, in the recent period, Yishuang has held three ground promotion activities one after another. Among them, there were more than 1,000 visitors during the channel meeting in Zhengzhou In this event, not only sold more than 500 samples of new products, but also attracted more than 40 people who are interested in becoming stores, including 3 or 4 provincial-level agents, and more than 1 million dollars have been paid.


Brands seem to understand that one person can go fast, but a group of people can go further.