The little yoga mat is deeply hidden in the university. I started with a yoga mat that suits me. I have read these points first.

 A student asked me this question before, is it necessary to practice yoga on a yoga mat? Some people can complete difficult yoga asanas directly on the floor, and some people can't complete the basic yoga asanas even on a yoga mat with excellent anti-slip performance.

In fact, this is not only related to personal abilities, but also related to the way of thinking. Some people think that practicing yoga requires a sense of ritual, and the yoga mat is the embodiment of this sense of ritual. Why is everyone used to practicing yoga on a yoga mat now? After continuous improvement, in addition to anti-slip force and stability, current yoga mats can also avoid hard joint impacts and effectively provide protection for the body.

Moreover, for yoga beginners, it often happens that many jokes are made on the mat because it is not clear about the correct placement of hands and feet. This is normal for beginners, but it is likely to affect the mood of the practice and the impression of yoga. In order to avoid this unnecessary trouble, many yoga mats will design easy-to-understand yoga asana guidelines and eye gaze points on the surface, so that students can follow the practice to reduce errors and increase confidence.

Let me share with my friends the characteristics of the mat itself when choosing a yoga mat.

One. Non-slip

I believe everyone already knows that the foundation of yoga asanas is very important, and a stable and solid foundation is the source of all practice. The hands and feet should be rooted wherever they fall. If the mat’s anti-slip properties cannot keep up with the foundation, it will not be stable. How can you proceed with the following exercises? For example, the common downward dog training exercises test the center of gravity and the position of the hands and feet. If the yoga mat cannot effectively slip, you will focus more on how to prevent yourself from slipping. As a result, the strength does not dare to go downwards, allowing the muscles and joints to compensate for the strength. If the desired effect is not achieved, it is easy to be injured. Therefore, the anti-slip property of the yoga mat is very important.

two. Material

In the process of practicing yoga, most of the movements need to be in direct contact with the yoga mat, and they must be done in the supine or prone position. If the material of the cushion is not environmentally friendly, when breathing or touching, the odor will drift into the nose and cause discomfort, which is not good for the body. Moreover, the amount of sweating increases during exercise, and the pores of the body are in an open state. The harsh material may also directly cause skin allergies. At this time, a yoga mat made of natural rubber is a good choice, which can effectively ensure the anti-slip force and is safe and skin-friendly. There may be a faint smell of rubber and wet wood when it is first opened, and the taste will become weaker and weaker with the use of time, which is very healthy.

three. Quick dry

Although not every time you practice, you will sweat profusely, but there will still be more sweating. When we practice, our attention is highly concentrated. It is difficult to detect the dripping of sweat. If the mat cannot quickly absorb water, the consequences of a slippery foot will be unimaginable. In addition, quick-drying is also a basic requirement for yoga mats. It can’t be dried quickly after cleaning, and bacteria will easily grow on the surface, which is very unfavorable for practice.

Finally, let me talk about the thickness of the yoga mat and the asana guidance function. There are various yoga mats of varying thickness on the market. It is recommended for beginners to choose a thickness of about 5mm. When you first practice, your strength is relatively weak. When facing many movements that require knees to fall on the ground, because you will not activate the muscles, you will put the main strength on the knee joint, which is thicker. The mat can play a better protective role.

The posture line is also worth mentioning. It can help you better identify the correct posture in the early stage, determine whether your posture is standard, and what the angle of opening and closing should be. This is very good. But with the deepening of the practice and the passage of time, it is easy to become dependent. Whether to continue to use it or not depends on the ideas of the friends. Choosing a yoga mat carefully can be used for a long time and is also a testimony to your own growth.


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