The six most worth buying gaming mouse pads in 2020

 As the saying goes, "a good horse is equipped with a good saddle" is a perfect fit for the relationship between the mouse and the mouse pad. Slowly, I also counted some of the most worthwhile gaming mice to buy now. From the experience point of view, if you can have a more comfortable mouse pad, it is also very important, so let’s take a look today and buy a gaming mouse. There are several pads that are most worth buying.

Slowly take inventory丨The six most worth buying gaming mouse pads in 2019

How to choose a gaming mouse pad

When choosing a gaming mouse pad, it is best to meet the requirements of smooth operation, precise positioning, and good control to ensure the smoothness of the game. For example, FPS games will have a sharp turn, and MOBA games have high requirements for walking. Therefore, the following parameters of the mouse pad must be read clearly.

Mouse pad material: a suitable gaming mouse pad, preferably rubber or cloth mouse pad, the surface texture is very frictional, which is convenient for the movement and positioning of the mouse. Don't choose a metal mouse pad. You have personally experienced the pain of the mouse "slipping" out. And after using it for a long time, that hard mouse pad also has a great impact on the wrist.

Mouse pad texture: The texture of the mouse pad affects the positioning accuracy of the mouse. For example, if the texture design of some mouse pads is incorrect, it will be difficult for the mouse to move on it. Slowly recommends that you try not to choose a mouse pad with too thick texture to prevent the operation from being unsmooth and smooth.

Mouse pad size: The size of the mouse pad can be large or small. Here you can choose a more suitable size according to your computer desk layout. Because under normal circumstances, as long as it is not too small and restricts its own operation, basic gaming mouse pads are still acceptable.

The thickness of the mouse pad: This point may not be noticed by many people. Slowly, Jun also summarized the experience after using a lot of mouse pads. Since many game manufacturers will make some ultra-thin mouse pads, after long-term use, the touch is actually quite unfriendly. Generally, we choose 3mm or more.

So let's not talk nonsense, let's officially recommend it.

Slowly take inventory丨The six most worth buying gaming mouse pads in 2019

Sairui QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad

Slowly take inventory丨The six most worth buying gaming mouse pads in 2019

Sairui’s mouse has always been very fancy in design, and the joint models launched with various game manufacturers are also cool enough. But on the mouse pad it is much calmer, only the solid color pad with logo. In the beginning, because the table was small, I chose Qck Mini, but I always felt that it was too silky. So after the conditions were met, it was replaced with QcK Heavy. After the increase, the thickness was also increased.

After the material was changed to X-type high-density fiber material, the sensing accuracy of the optical and laser sensors was optimized. Not only the hand feel is improved, but also every point can be accurately tracked. The thickness of 6mm is also the thickest mouse pad I have used so far. It is particularly friendly to people who have wrist discomfort like Slow.

ZOWIE GEAR P-SR Gaming Mouse Pad

Slowly take inventory丨The six most worth buying gaming mouse pads in 2019

Zhuowei's e-sports products actually consider the use of e-sports players relatively more. So for consumers, the price/performance ratio is slightly lower. I bought his mouse clip at the beginning, it was more expensive than my mouse, and since then I stayed away. But because there are more professional players (30% of FPS professional players use Zhuowei mouse pads), of course there is no such thing as quality.

The Zhuowei mouse pad made of special rubber inspired by the wetsuit material has a high foaming density and is not easy to produce voids, which can ensure that it will not wrinkle in intense use. The triple-stitched hemming technology can ensure the useful life of the mouse pad is also super long, and it is more difficult to damage.

Razer-Heavy Armor-Fission-Control Edition-Large

Slowly take inventory丨The six most worth buying gaming mouse pads in 2019

Razer's products are also famous for their cool appearance. Both the keyboard and mouse have famous lighting effects in the industry, but as a mouse pad without LED lights, it can only rely on more eye-catching patterns. Compared with the speed version, the control version is more recommended here, mainly with net weave, which provides moderate friction and can be more precise in control.

The bottom of the mouse pad adopts a rubber non-slip design. When the mouse is slid sharply, it can also ensure that it is fixed on the desktop and will not slip. The edge is also knitted like Zhuowei, which can not only protect the mouse pad during use, but also make the mouse position not accidentally moved out of the pad. Razer also has a different price comparison for its own mouse. It has been optimized according to the model of the mouse to allow you to maximize its capabilities. I think this is where Razer excels in details.

Logitech G440 hard gaming mouse pad

Slowly take inventory丨The six most worth buying gaming mouse pads in 2019

If the mouse pads in front have their own characteristics, then Logitech has brought together the best of each family. But in general, Logitech mouse pads tend to have a smoother surface. But the fine polyurethane surface improves the smoothness of continuous sliding and the quality of sensor tracking. Unlike the one-piece type of Sairui, an extra layer of heat-treated surface is added to the surface, so that the mouse pad will not have the problem of disconnection.

Of course, for a 3mm thick natural rubber substrate, there will be no side slip. And just like Razer, it has made some optimizations for several key models of mice. If it is these mice, it will be more suitable. But I still have to remind you that Logitech mouse pads must be purchased in sizes above G440. Because the size becomes smaller, its thickness will also be reduced to 1mm, which will feel too thin when used, which will make the wrist red and uncomfortable soon.

Cherry G80-Mass high-density fiber mouse pad

Slowly take inventory丨The six most worth buying gaming mouse pads in 2019

Cherry’s mouse pad is similar to Razer, and is divided into a control version of mesh fiber and a speed version of high-density fiber. But because the cherry's speed version is too outstanding in FPS games, I will make this one more. Other anti-skid bottom and knitted edging are similar, so I won't repeat them here. The only difference is that the thickness of this mouse pad is 4mm, which is thicker than normal pads.

Radium H1X Gaming Mouse Pad

Slowly take inventory丨The six most worth buying gaming mouse pads in 2019

Speaking of these orthodox keyboard and mouse manufacturers, the last one introduced may not be so well-known, and that is the gaming mouse pad of Radium. And different from the previous models, this one belongs to the oversized table mat. Both keyboard and mouse can be placed on top. And most players also know that the pattern of the table mat is more abundant, and the technology of thick seaming is still used, and the overall comfort is very high. Other game table mats can refer to this one for selection.

to sum up

In fact, the most important thing to buy a mouse pad is to meet your gaming needs and ensure that you can control it more comfortably. After all, the current game intensity is relatively high. If you accidentally hurt your wrist, it will be more than a loss.