Year-end stocking list: 5 super cost-effective products for mothers and babies, with them, bringing your baby easier

2020 is about to end, and it's time to "sweep the goods" at the end of the year. For mothers with babies under 3 years old, the maternal and child products in the shopping cart definitely account for a large proportion. Nowadays, there are dazzling maternal and child products on the market, and women’s instinct to buy things make them a "prodigal maiden" if they are not paying attention. For the sake of the children, the prodigal will be the prodigal, and the value of the defeat will do. The key is that I often get hotheaded, I have a lot of things that are ultimately useless, or I bought a lot of things, and I'm still in a hurry to bring the children.

Year-end stocking list: 5 super cost-effective products for mothers and babies, with them, bringing your baby easier

As the saying goes, "good steel should be used on the blade." For most ordinary working-class families, when buying things, try to choose the most cost-effective and practical products according to their own needs, and avoid buying chicken rib products.

A few days ago, Ruolan’s mom posted an article (the list of good things for a 2-year-old female treasure mother (part 1): pure need, no chicken ribs, money-saving and practical ), and shared with you 5 money-saving and practical Good things for mothers and babies, today, Ruolan’s mom will share 5 good things for mothers and babies that are cost-saving and practical for pro-testing to make it easier for mothers to bring their babies.

Year-end stocking list: 5 super cost-effective products for mothers and babies, with them, bringing your baby easier

6. Nursing clothing

Novice mothers are new mothers and are immersed in family happiness, thinking about giving the best to their babies. Breastfeeding is naturally the first choice for baby's health care. The baby Ruolan is 2 years old and is still breastfeeding (weaning after the preparation for the Chinese New Year, the weather is warmer).

In the cold winter, mothers can easily catch a cold because they lift up their clothes for a long time to breastfeed. If they accidentally catch a cold and catch a cold, it is also a threat to the baby's health. In addition, breastfeeding is also a "troublesome matter" when taking your baby out. Fortunately, in recent years began to Buru Yi ( Buru Yi, including breast-feeding and breast-feeding underwear outerwear, we say today Buru Yi single outerwear. ) Appears to lactating mothers brought a lot of convenience.

Recommended reason:

▶ Protect mother from cold. If the baby is born in winter, Baoma needs to take off the top when breastfeeding in ordinary clothes. Basically, the abdomen, belly and even half of the back are exposed to the cold air, and it is easy to catch cold. The breastfeeding clothes specially designed for breastfeeding mothers, combined with fashionable, comfortable and simple design style, only need to gently open the breastfeeding opening on the breast, you can easily breastfeed your baby, which not only avoids the risk of catching cold, but also helps Mother dressed up with a stylish and elegant temperament.

▶ Avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of breastfeeding when going out. I often see some news saying that breastfeeding under "large courts" is unscrupulous. As a mother who is still breastfeeding, I want to say, "If it is not a last resort, no woman is willing to expose her body to the public." However, for other passers-by, even if they saw it accidentally, it was really embarrassing. If a breastfeeding mother wears a breastfeeding suit when she takes her baby out, there is no need to worry about revealing herself when breastfeeding in public, and it will not make others feel embarrassed.

Shopping points:

▶The fabric is comfortable. It is not advisable to choose tight-fitting and non-elastic fabrics when buying nursing clothes, to avoid the milk lumps and pain caused by the mother's milk when the clothes are too tight. Secondly, because nursing clothes are clothes that will come into contact with the baby's body, the feel of the fabric should be soft and comfortable, so pure cotton knitted fabric is recommended.

Mothers should also pay attention to choosing materials that are not dyed as much as possible to ensure that they are harmless to the skin and will not affect the health of the baby.

Year-end stocking list: 5 super cost-effective products for mothers and babies, with them, bringing your baby easier

7, building blocks

Infancy and toddlerhood is the basic stage of life. Babies can explore and understand the world through play. In order to make their babies play smarter and smarter, facing a batch of "early education toys" and "educational toys" that have emerged on the market today. Ladies and gentlemen, you can't help but buy and buy. Many parents say that they have bought a lot of toys for their children, and the children don’t seem to be interested even if they spend too much money. In fact, when it comes to buying toys, it’s better to buy “more” than “smart”.

Year-end stocking list: 5 super cost-effective products for mothers and babies, with them, bringing your baby easier

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Among the dozens of toys I bought for Ruolan Baby, I think the most cost-effective one is the building blocks . When my baby Ruolan was 4 or 5 months old, I bought her a set of building blocks. There were more than 100 pieces in total, which cost no more than 20 yuan. It is such a "cheap" set of toys. My family Ruolan is still interested in playing. I think it will be no problem for her to play until the age of 6 or 7, and she can even accompany her throughout her childhood!

Recommended reason:

A good toy allows children to actively explore and create, and use limited tools to bring children unlimited challenges. A good toy is equivalent to a child's enlightenment teacher and can promote a healthier growth and development of the child. Building blocks are absolutely essential toys for every family with a baby. There are many kinds of it, and there are many different ways to play. A good building block can make the baby's educational potential fully play.

▶ Promote children's cognitive ability. Colorful and different-shaped building blocks can promote children's cognitive abilities such as color, shape, and space.

▶ Train children's hand-eye coordination skills. When stacking wood, children need to use both hands dexterously, so it can promote the development of fine motor, and can also exercise hand-eye coordination.

▶ Cultivate children's creativity and imagination. Children will not be satisfied with cookie-cutter styles, they will come up with some interesting structures, which actually cultivates children's creative desire and creative ability invisibly.

Shopping points:

There are many building blocks on the market in materials and styles, with different sizes, colors, workmanship, design, and ease of cleaning. How to choose the right building block toy?

▶The material should be safe. When buying toys for children, "safety" must be the first priority. Children under 2 years old like to stuff everything in their mouths, so the material of the building blocks must be safe and non-toxic. The cloth building blocks should be made of soft and safe cotton material, which is comfortable for the baby. Wooden building blocks are preferably logs. If they are painted building blocks, choose safe paint; plastic building blocks must be made of safe and non-toxic plastic materials, preferably Can provide authoritative testing agency reports.

▶The size should be appropriate. Choose lightweight and large-particle building blocks under 2 years old, which are large and difficult to swallow. During this period, the child's body control and hand-eye coordination skills are not very good, so choose lightweight building blocks to prevent the child from hurting when the building blocks collapse. Of course, the building blocks should not be too big to be easy for children to grasp. Over 2 years old can choose standard size blocks.

▶The workmanship should be fine. Cloth building blocks require meticulous wiring, firm wiring, resistance to falling, tearing, and resistance to deformation; wooden or plastic building blocks should be round and free of burrs and cracks to avoid scratching the baby.

▶The design should be reasonable. Try to choose a design with cognitive functions. Numbers, animals, letters, fruits and other shapes can help babies teach cognition early. The plug-in building blocks should be easy to use force and moderately tight.

Year-end stocking list: 5 super cost-effective products for mothers and babies, with them, bringing your baby easier

8. Waterproof overalls

Children are very active in nature, mischievous, rolling all over the floor, and in various postures, a piece of clothing is often dirty in less than half a day. I don’t have to worry about eating. I still have neat and clean clothes before eating. After eating, I have become a "cat with a face". Mothers take care of the baby's food, drink, and sleep. It is already very hard, and they have to constantly change and wash the baby. Especially in winter, the taste of the cold water can't help but shudder. I endure the cold and wash every day, and the weather is not strong. The clothes for a week are still on the balcony. In fact, you only need a waterproof coverall to avoid the trouble of washing your baby and save a lot of effort.

Recommended reason:

▶The baby is not cold. When babies learn to eat on their own, due to lack of hand-eye coordination and insufficient concentration (this is a normal physiological characteristic of younger children), it is easy for babies to sprinkle food and soup on their bodies, wet or stain their clothes. Especially in winter, it is easy to catch cold if you don't change clothes in time. The front body and sleeves of the gown have a waterproof layer, and the seams are also laminated to prevent water leakage. The water can't penetrate the waterproof layer even if the soup gets on the body, and it can keep the clothes inside the child from getting wet. Even if the clothes are not changed in time, the baby will not catch cold.

▶ Reduce the trouble of mother washing clothes. Baby's clothes, chest and cuffs are the focus of dirt. A waterproof overall can not only prevent the clothes from getting wet, but also protect the cuffs and front of the front, eliminating the trouble of frequent washing of the jacket.

Shopping points:

▶ Material selection is critical. Children's waterproof overalls are generally made of polyester, nylon and other textiles plus polymer waterproof and breathable materials. They are generally made by impregnating the fabric with polymer materials and coating the fabric with polymer materials. For example, polyester material coated pu waterproof layer fabric and nylon impregnated polymer rubber fabric. Qualified waterproof cloth for clothing generally has good waterproof and breathable effects.

It is worth noting that there are so-called waterproof fabrics on the market that are used as decoration waterproof materials. This material is not suitable for direct contact with the body. Its waterproof effect is better than clothing waterproof fabrics, but it is not breathable. At present, it is not ruled out that unscrupulous manufacturers use this fabric to make children's gowns. Therefore, parents should identify the fabrics of children's dining gowns.

▶The design should be reasonable. The surface layer of the gown should be soft and comfortable. The waterproof layer should preferably include the front and sleeves. The back strap design can adjust the elasticity. It can be suitable for babies of different body types. It is easy to put on and take off. The cuffs are flexible, and the baby's hands are not restrained.

Year-end stocking list: 5 super cost-effective products for mothers and babies, with them, bringing your baby easier

9. Multifunctional baby carrier

Many mothers who take their babies alone must have encountered such troubles: the baby has to hug the baby all the time, and the mother can't free her hands to do housework; and as the baby's weight grows, the mother's arm will be sore after holding it for long. Endless. The multifunctional baby carrier not only allows mothers and fathers to free their hands to take the baby out for free movement, but also does not affect the close contact with the child.

Recommended reason:

▶ Release mother's hands. Many people now use baby slings. Ultra-wide shoulder straps and ultra-wide belts balance the weight, which is less effort than holding a baby with bare hands. Carry the baby on your back, let the parents rescue their hands from the situation of holding the baby, and do not delay doing housework or taking things.

▶ Give your baby more security. Holding a baby and a stroller with bare hands may cause some bumps and shaking, while the baby carrier is fixed on the adult body and shakes moderately, making it more stable and safer to hold. The baby can be in close contact with the mother while in the harness, and feel the mother's body temperature, breathing and heartbeat, which increases the sense of security. With the baby carrier, the baby can find a familiar feeling in the mother's arms, thereby reducing the number of crying and falling asleep better.

Shopping points:

The promotion of baby carriers has indeed brought a lot of convenience to parents. When shopping or going out for a long trip, parents can use the baby carrier to free their hands and reduce the parents' weight by half. In the market, there are many baby carrier styles, mothers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

▶ Safety. When choosing a baby carrier, safety factors must be considered. The design of the baby carrier must effectively protect the baby's head, as well as keep warm and windproof. It is best to choose a back bag with a buckle on the chest to facilitate knotting, so that the front hold style can increase safety. The seams are tight, especially the stress points (such as the connection between the belt and the backpack). The joints with greater stress should be reinforced to ensure the safety of the baby.

▶ Comfort. The baby carrier must be comfortable for both parents and baby. When using a baby carrier, the baby will be in close contact with an adult, and it is easy to get stuffy, especially in summer, it is easier to cover the baby and sweat. At this time, you need to choose a strap that is breathable and not stuffy, and choose a strap made of natural cotton, which is more breathable and more comfortable, and will not scratch your baby's skin. In addition, with a well-designed carrier, the baby’s weight should be borne by the adult’s shoulders and hips, not the back and neck. The shoulder strap of the baby carrier should be comfortable, easy to adjust the length, and easy to operate. It is best to choose a large and wide shoulder strap.

Year-end stocking list: 5 super cost-effective products for mothers and babies, with them, bringing your baby easier

10. Mosquito nets

Nowadays, mosquitoes are really rampant, and it feels that very powerful species have evolved. Needless to say, in summer and autumn, they can be spotted even in winter. The baby's skin at home is the most delicate, and mothers are most worried about their babies being harassed by mosquitoes. What should we do? For babies aged 0-3, try not to use chemical products such as mosquito repellent repellent. The best way is to use physical isolation, which is to use the most traditional method: mosquito nets , which have good anti-mosquito effects and no side effects.

Recommended reason:

▶ Safe and environmentally friendly. There are a lot of mosquito-repellent products on the market, some of which claim to be "designed specifically for infants and young children." However, whether it is traditional mosquito coils, liquid mosquito coils, and mosquito coils, although the forms are different, the effective ingredients are similar. Most of them are pyrethroid insecticides with low toxicity. It is not recommended for pregnant women and infants for long-term use. As for plant ingredients, such as various essential oils, they are not foolproof in terms of safety. Infants, expectant mothers and lactating mothers should be aware of possible allergic reactions to products containing essential oils. Mosquito nets are safe and environmentally friendly, very suitable for expectant mothers and infants and children. It is the most traditional method of mosquito control and the simplest and most effective way to keep mosquitoes away.

Shopping points:

▶ Fabric material. When choosing a mosquito net for your baby, try to choose a mesh material, which can prevent mosquitoes from entering, and the ventilation is also very good, to ensure that the baby can breathe freely, and it can effectively absorb the dust falling in the air. The tent cloth should also be strong, smooth, dense, not easy to draw, and it should be washable and durable.

▶ Choose the appropriate type. There are many different types of baby mosquito nets. You can choose a baby mosquito net that is more suitable for you according to the different characteristics of different types. Yurt mosquito nets can prevent mosquitoes and children from falling out of bed. Bottomless is better. Children don’t need to sleep on the patterned tent, but directly on their own sheets; the fully retractable rail-type mosquito net can be installed according to the position of the bed, and the mosquito net bracket can be installed on the side of the bed. Or the headboard can also be installed on the wall of the headboard beside the bed. When playing with children on the bed, you can push the mosquito net to the head of the bed to make as much space as possible; when you sleep, push the mosquito net out; the square baby mosquito net, rectangular design, large space, a door beside it, A door at the top. The door open on the side adopts the largest size pull connection, which is convenient to carry in and out from the side. The top opening door adopts a lid type. After the pull connection is opened, the entire top surface can be opened. When the baby is asleep, it can be easily carried down, and the baby will not be awakened by the side of the mosquito net.