Fashion trend high-value Bluetooth headset recommended, double 11 student party cheap and cost-effective Bluetooth headset

 If you search for playlists in NetEase Cloud Music using "headphones" as a keyword, you will be surprised to find that there are as many as 300 playlists.

In the 15-page playlist, some people say that “earphones are the oxygen tubes of modern young people”, and some people say that earphones are his safe haven, air-raid shelter... To put it bluntly, only when you wear earphones, the whole world truly belongs to you. .

As long as you wear headphones, whether it is a middle-aged man who is facing a public vibrato, an aunt who yells in the air, a rude passerby talking loudly on the phone, a schoolboy who is out of control of the game's black volume, or a flyer who enthusiastically promotes, I can look as usual without panic.

If the crowd is too crowded, let me use headphones to fight against the world and control the audience in my own BGM. After all, "the joys and sorrows of human beings are not interlinked, I just think they are noisy." Lu Xun really said so. Those who choose to wear headphones are just exploring their own way of survival in this world. Today, I will share with you a few bluetooth headphones with excellent sound quality. In the lonely journey of life, you must be accompanied by music.

The first paragraph: F1

Fashion trend high-value Bluetooth headset recommended, double 11 student party cheap and cost-effective Bluetooth headset

As another true wireless bluetooth headset under the brand of Sonic, F1 is not afraid of the brilliant results of Sonic VC, and it has more performance than it... The appearance design of the earphone is simple but not simple, and the design of natural pebbles is carved , With a semi-in-ear design that does not squeeze the ear canal, inspired by human ear canal engineering, it has a fit degree of up to 98%, which can reduce the load, the earplugs do not need to be inserted into the ear hole, just light contact, no feeling of wearing one All day long.

F1 uses mainstream Bluetooth 5.0 chip, low latency and stable high-speed transmission, F1 is free to use left and right earphones are independent hosts, the opening and closing cover of the battery compartment, using Hall magnetic design, open the lid to turn on, close the lid to turn off, the first connection only It needs to be paired once, and it will be connected next time you open the cover. It is simple and convenient, full of technology.

In terms of battery life, F1 has twice the battery power compared to ordinary true wireless Bluetooth headsets. It has a single battery life of 8 hours, plus a charging bay battery life of up to 35 hours: 4000+ Douyin short videos, 300 peaceful elites, 1000 high-quality music.

In terms of sound quality, F1 uses a rare graphene high-elastic diaphragm, and intelligently adjusts 30 chords through EQ. Even in magnificent music, you can hear the bright G chord and the melodious small a chord, which perfectly restores the music. The true. The headset is also equipped with DSP+CVC 8.0 call noise reduction technology, through dual microphone noise reduction collection, compatible with various systems, to achieve high-definition call sound quality.

It is worth mentioning that F1 has three entertainment modes that can be switched. Turn on the game mode to enjoy an enjoyable gaming experience. The delay is as low as 0.04S. It can be called the king of mobile games. It is easy to listen to the voice and distinguish the position, and the bronze becomes the king; When in the music mode, the audio and video synchronization is accelerated, which is 2-3 times that of the traditional mode. The audio and video synchronization can be achieved regardless of Blu-ray or 4K, and online chat is not a problem. In the music mode, rock, folk, easy to control, enjoy thousands of dollars Sound quality.

The second paragraph: Meizu POP2S

Fashion trend high-value Bluetooth headset recommended, double 11 student party cheap and cost-effective Bluetooth headset

The earphone adopts an ergonomic in-ear design. The smooth surface and lightweight body make it more comfortable to wear. Basically, the ear does not feel a significant sense of weight. You can also feel the earphone during the experience. Not easy to slip off.

Because Meizu POP2s uses a double-layer structure composite diaphragm unit design, and Meizu has so many years of training experience, the overall sound quality of Meizu POP2s is not bad. POP2s can listen to music continuously for up to 6 hours with a single full charge. With a charging box, it can also reach 24 hours. The battery life is worthy. It can fully meet daily needs and avoid the embarrassing scene of being unable to charge outside.

Compared with the previous generation, the most obvious upgrade function of Meizu POP2s is the Flyme second link function, which supports automatic pop-up pairing of Meizu mobile phones, which can realize quick connection. The same is true in actual use. When using Meizu phones, Meizu POP2s will perform better in terms of latency than when connected to an iPhone.

The third paragraph: B&O Play E8

Fashion trend high-value Bluetooth headset recommended, double 11 student party cheap and cost-effective Bluetooth headset

Beoplay E8 has a black and charcoal sand style, very small, made of aluminum metal, and also comes with a leather charging case. The headset is waterproof and dustproof.

Compared to Apple AirPods, Beoplay E8 has a mode called Transparency, which is a function that uses an external microphone to manage external sounds. In addition, the ToneTouch function of the B&O app on iOS and Android allows users to adjust the tone and sound segmentation of the headset. .

The headset has a 5.7mm dynamic speaker, a small electromagnetic transducer, NFMI technology and a Bluetooth 4.2 chip with digital sound processing, which should help it to be slightly better than the competition in terms of sound quality.

In terms of battery life, Beoplay E8 can be used for 4 hours with a full charge, which is slightly inferior to Apple AirPods. In addition, the charging box can also provide two additional charging opportunities.

The fourth paragraph: Wanmo 1more fashion beans

Fashion trend high-value Bluetooth headset recommended, double 11 student party cheap and cost-effective Bluetooth headset

In terms of styling, 1MORE Fashion Bean adopts NCVM vacuum color process to make the coating not only wear-resistant and color-fast, but the non-conductive vacuum coating achieves zero interference to wireless signals. The headset uses Qualcomm chip + Bluetooth 5.0 technology, plus a customized LDS laser antenna, so that this headset can achieve an ultra-wide stable signal transmission range and extremely low latency.

For earphone products, the unit is the most critical sound component, which is beyond reproach. Compared with the traditional ordinary moving coil unit, the 1MORE Fashion Bean Headphone adopts a brand new three-layer titanium composite diaphragm. By making full use of the physical characteristics of different materials, this headset achieves an amazing sound Level, bringing a thorough sound texture that is truly restored.

The fifth paragraph: Sony WF-SP700N

Fashion trend high-value Bluetooth headset recommended, double 11 student party cheap and cost-effective Bluetooth headset

Similar to the pea-shaped shape, even if the WF-SP700N is hung on both ears daily, it does not look abrupt. The sporty soft silicone arc-shaped ear supports can be well pressed against the auricle, and there will be no looseness even when running or jumping. With a weight of 7.6g (single earphone), it can be said that it is comfortable to wear Sense brings a very good experience.

According to official data, WF-SP700N only needs to charge for 15 minutes to get up to 70 minutes of playback capacity, but in our tests this value often fluctuates, so its "fast charge" results may be Affected by the residual power in the headset. But whether it is for daily commuting or wearing during exercise, the performance of WF-SP700N is satisfactory enough