Thanksgiving, be grateful for life! ——Recommend a must-see warm movie on Thanksgiving

 The annual Thanksgiving is here again. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November each year. Originally, this was a holiday shared by the United States and Canada to thank God for the good harvest. Now it has become a big holiday for people all over the world. Take this opportunity to be grateful for life and be grateful for the goodness that friends and relatives around you bring to you. To be a man we must know how to be grateful, and always have a heart of gratitude. We must be grateful to our parents, because our parents gave us life and nurtured us, we should do our children’s responsibilities, be kind to our parents, and give back to our parents; be grateful to the teacher, because we grow up day by day in the teacher’s teachings; be grateful to friends, because we are When we are sad, friends can listen to our confession. We must cherish this friendship and reach out when our friends need us; and those cute and loyal pets, when we walk through this harsh and indifferent world, Bring us a touch of warmth, inseparable comfort. Let’s take a look at the touches of those gratitude movies full of sincere feelings! Finally, be grateful for life!

  Grateful parents

   "Big Fish": My father is a fairy tale.

  The father in the movie uses his bravery, passion, sincerity and kindness to build one legend after another. The legend is that when he tells all this, even his own son feels that everything is nothing but a false existence. Life needs to be experienced and explored. There is one more way of existence and one more plot to tell other people's stories. Father's life is a successful life, a life full of life. Elementary school students' composition "Big Fish" Afterwards. There is a father’s description in the film that is very impressive, saying, "The more difficult things are, the greater the reward in the end." The father in "Big Fish" has been sharing an expeditionary life with those closest to him all his life. The feelings between him have also changed differently through his father’s tireless description of his adventures. When he was a child, his son liked to listen to his father’s "myths" before going to bed. After he gradually understood things in his middle age, he began to understand that those illusory and real experiences were only for the father’s sake. A way to win the happiness of his son and even around him, and start a three-year cold war without understanding. At the end of his father’s death, in front of his father’s hospital bed, the son finally understands that his father’s story comes from his true life. , And what I can do at this time is to help my father narrate his unfinished story completely. This is the best reward for my father.

  This is a tear-jerking movie, but it is not surging passion, but slowly, bit by bit, moisturizing things silently touching the feelings of the soft part of your heart, making you cry unconsciously Over the eyelashes.

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  Grateful lover

   "Lianlian Notebook": Build a castle of love in your heart.

  The label of "Lianlian Notebook" is love nostalgia and romance. The young man Noah and his friends in the movie went to the carnival. In the playground, he met the beautiful girl Ai Li, but he was just a poor boy. He dared to express his love. On the Ferris wheel, he was crazy The behavior impressed the girl he loved. In the face of the person he loves, he is not timid, pursues bravely, is not afraid of setbacks, and does not give up. They met again on the street, and his expression was really passionate: "

  Do you still remember me? Uh, I want to explain to you. I was really sorry that day. I am really stupid to do that. Rush up to the Ferris wheel and talk to others. But I really want to be by your side. I will be crazy about it. If you wish, I will become funny, or melancholy, or smart, or superstitious, or brave. I can tap dance. I can become what you want me to become, as long as you say a word". The girl was moved. They went to the movie, and Noah took her to lay on the road, and they danced and sang on the road. I started the song that runs through the movie. Then Ai Li went to New York to study. Noah wrote 365 letters, one a day, but couldn’t wait for Ai Li’s reply. Fourteen years apart, I thought time would forget everything, promise Ya works and participates in the war. And Ally also enters into a marriage contract with others. The two meet again at an unexpected moment. Nature is full of poetry and miracles, and constantly revives the best emotions in the two hearts. Ai Li gave up her prestigious fiancé and chose to be with the man she thought was the most poetic. The world was unpredictable, and her life changed suddenly. The elderly Elle suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, a serious mental illness, like A desert is empty, empty and lifeless. She is sometimes calm and sometimes delirious. She often remembers at this moment that he is the most precious person in her life, but at the next moment he treats him as a stranger. She used all her heart. And soul, loved her deeply. But the one he loved doesn’t know him anymore. He never abandons and lives in the same nursing home with her. He accompanies her every day, walking, reading poems, and doing She tells the story of their youth. He occasionally gets discouraged. But he has so many memories, full of memories, and he can reminisce day by day. He is almost destined to wait for her in this life. Even if he is paralyzed Half-length, to go to the appointment of this life. He dragged his paralyzed body into her room one night, and she was gently awakened. Fortunately, she remembered him at this moment. The story ended at their moment, sweet and a little sad Freeze.

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  Grateful teacher

   "Death Poetry Society": Ou, captain, my captain!

  This movie is the most poetic and beautiful hymn dedicated to the teacher, and a soulful poem! The film tells the story of a maverick teacher and a group of young students. The teacher's thinking is ingenious and too advanced. This is not a bad thing, but it was not accepted by most people at the time. Most of these people, including teachers’ colleagues, bosses, principals, and students’ parents. The students understand and accept him because he adapts to the nature of young people and lets them do what they like. The film culminates with the death of student Neil. Neil died, because his parents asked him in every possible way to become what they thought of as a successful person in reality—a decent doctor. They rudely forbid all his hobbies, imprison his mind and even his soul. He went to a dead end. His death has also implicated the school. In order to preserve its reputation, the prestigious school must sacrifice the interests of a poor teacher. The teacher is just a scapegoat, the smallest screw in the entire education system, as an "instigator". Teacher Kidding, the "captain" in the minds of the upright, bright, and kind children was frightened by the huge pressure of the school and society and was forced to resign. And standing on the table to watch the teacher leave silently, and recite Whitman's poem: "Oh Captain! My Captain" to bid farewell to the teacher. This is also the greatest comfort to Teacher Kidding! This scene is also the most moving and touching scene in this movie.

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  Thank you friends.

   "Untouchable": It is enough to have a confidant in life!

  The film is adapted from a true story. After a parachuting accident, Philip, a wealthy nobleman who had paralyzed his lower limbs, could only sit in a wheelchair and was unable to take care of himself, so he asked the young black man Dries to help at home. This is a young man from the suburbs, who just came out of prison. In short, this is the most unsuitable candidate for this job. The two worlds collided and merged, and an incredible and wonderful friendship was born. A wealthy man of the upper class, a successful man with a wealth of economics, and an unfortunate white man who was thrown to the ground in the pursuit of freedom to fly to the clouds and caused high paraplegia. Dries, a poor man with a criminal history, a low-educated, simple-minded young man, an unrestrained, wild and unrestrained black man who survived by receiving unemployment benefits. They come from different life backgrounds and different social status

  But Deris made no secret of himself, and his straightforward personality made Philip determined to try him. Under mutual friction and tolerance, they became the best partners. Dries’s sincere and open heart was finally accepted by Philip, and Philip’s heart that no one could not touch was finally touched by Dries.

  Although he was born in poverty, Dries never bowed before Philip and was not convinced by the other party’s money and status.

  Although Reese took care of Philip, he did not pity him or discriminate against him, but treated him as a normal person, which gave Philip a great affirmation. Too much sympathy and care for a patient is actually constantly reminding the other party that you are not as good as me. You are a handicapped person and a waste. For a patient, what they want is the same as normal people. Reese always forgets the fact that Philip is paralyzed, which makes Philip feel that he is not considered a disabled person.

  If Dries is a great horse, then Philip is Bole. Without Philip’s insight, Dries would eventually be buried in the poor. It was Philip who helped Dries sell his paintings and let him see his own value, and let him see that a street gangster can also go on the right path. It was Philip who correctly understood and accepted Dries, which not only made Dries’s life but also made him, and made his own life leap forward.

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  Photo caption: Movie poster of " The Story of Hachiko "

  Thanksgiving pets.

   "The Story of the Faithful Dog Hachiko": I will guard you all my life.

  In today's society in a world where utilitarianism is supreme, feelings are indifferent, and people's hearts are unpredictable, people who are struggling to run are more dependent on the feelings of animals, and people and animals have established more intimate feelings than people. And the dog is undoubtedly the most loyal friend of mankind in the animal kingdom.

  Hachiko in the movie is a poor dog, lonely and helpless, wandering aimlessly at the train station where people come and go. He meets the kind-hearted university professor Parker, and his life trajectory has changed since then. Whether it is a man or a dog. Fate made him meet with it, preferring to believe that this is destiny, after all, there are countless people going to and from the train station, and there are countless dogs in the city, just like Parker’s Japanese friends said. , It chose him. If this is the case, I have to say that Hachiko is a smart dog. It has chosen a kind soul, a friend who regards it as a friend. His master Parker can lie down on the grass and play with Hachiko. Hachiko and wait for a conversation. He can help Hachiko massage his body. He is not the owner of Hachiko, but a friend of Hachiko. Hachiko is an Akita dog, a Japanese breed. Loyalty is something carved into the bones of Japanese people. Gongzai Parker loyally waited at the train station after his death. The reason why Hachiko has been waiting for ten years is not so much loyalty as love. The love for Parker, his benefactor, is the love for his friend Parker. Hachiko knows better than anyone else, the truth that the grace of dripping water responds to Yongquan is the feedback of love. There is no majestic stunt scenes, no lingering love fairy tales, no ups and downs of the story, no beauty of handsome men and beauties, "The Story of the Faithful Dog Hachiko" is such a simple movie, simple characters , Simple story, but it is this return to pure simplicity that can hit the most vulnerable corner of the heart, as if a ray of warm sunshine in the winter shines into the frozen soul for a long time. The long-lost pulse of affection is like this Flowing through my heart, this is a touching story between a kind person and a dog who knows his gratitude.

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