The game is here! Nine luxury gaming notebook recommendations: top-notch configuration, do you like it?

 The editor updated the latest 9 luxury gaming notebooks to meet the growing demand for gaming notebooks. Follow the editor, you can find the best high-end laptops weighing less than 5 kg and mid-range gaming laptops with a price of less than 10,000 yuan. Now, let the editor take you into the top nine "classic" gaming laptops of the editor.

Razer Smart 17 Professional Edition

It is the only manufacturer that does not have one but two gaming laptops in the top 10 of the editor, and its rating is "very good." The Smart 17 Professional management level is 90%, so it can itself from its competitors by quite a bit different. Although Razer’s shell is small, it only uses high-end hardware to configure this computer. The Smart 17 Professional Edition is equipped with Core i7-9750H, ultra-fast GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics card, and FHD IPS display with Optimus. The screen refresh rate is 144Hz.

In addition to excellent performance, other benefits include easy maintenance, a rugged and beautifully-looking housing, and various ports.


When you get this computer, you will find that the display of GIGABYTE AERO 17 HDR is very bright and accurate, leaving a deep impression on you. However, its graphics card (GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q) is a bit insufficient and cannot provide the default resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The slim and visually perfect chassis is of interest to gamers and content creators alike. Despite the 17-inch form factor, the laptop is still very suitable for travel due to the long battery runtime and moderate weight.

ASUS ROG Super God 2s

Like the previous generation, I hardly missed the top nine of the editor. The ASUS ROG Super God 2s equipped with Turing did not get the second place in the editor's ranking. Despite its size, the 17-inch gaming laptop is one of the best high-end laptops available.

The price is about 36999 yuan, you can get Core i7-9750H CPU, GeForce RTX 2080 independent display and NVMe SSD. Using Turbo Gear, the CPU can be overclocked to maximize performance. However, there is no doubt that its highlight is the 144 Hz refresh rate with G-Sync support. I also like the audio performance, input devices and connectivity of this notebook.


MSI’s flagship machine ranks fourth in the top nine of the editor’s ultrabook games. The editor believes that, compared with its own GT75 predecessor, the biggest improvement is to make the body smaller. The thickness of the GT76 9SG is reduced from 5.8 cm to 4.2 cm. This is mainly due to its narrow display frame. With its desktop CPU, this 17-inch laptop not only has excellent performance, but also has above-average upgradeability. I also like its display.


Although the GT75 is very bulky, MSI’s GE75 MSI GE75 8SG laptop has a good combination of body thickness and performance. The 17-inch laptop not only has Intel's eight-core processor, but also Nvidia's high-end RTX2080 graphics card. You will see a matte 144 Hz display that is surprisingly bright and accurate. Battery runtime (Optimus technology) or sound has not received much criticism either.

ASUS ROG Gunslinger 3 PLUS

ASUS ROG Gunshin 3 PLUS weighs 2.8 kg and is 2.6 cm thick, which is between traditional desktop alternatives and thin and light laptops. It is 17 inches overall, and the model is equipped with a Core i7-9750H CPU, a GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, a 144 Hz display and powerful speakers.

HP Shadow Elf 5 plus

In the past, HP mainly focused on business and multimedia notebooks. However, in recent years, we have seen more and more HP laptops with gaming capabilities released. HP’s current 17-inch flagship model, Shadow Elf 5 plus, can easily keep pace with high-end competitors in terms of performance, connectivity and quality.

The editor found that the HP Shadow Elf 5 plus has a G-Sync-enabled 144 Hz display, excellent connectivity and excellent speakers.

Lenovo rescuer Y9000K

Compared with other gaming laptops equipped with GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q, the 15-inch model of Lenovo Savior Y9000K has a good price/performance ratio. In addition to hardware devices, I still like the 144 Hz display and RGB lighting. Maintenance options are also good.

Lenovo's rescuer Y9000K is still one of the best high-end laptops and is worthy of my recommendation.


MSI currently has three laptops in the top nine. In addition to GT76 9SG and GE75 9SG, GE65 9SF also entered the rankings. The 15-inch laptop is light, weighs only 4.4 kg, and is small in size, so it is very convenient and easy to carry.

GE65 is also not lacking in 3D performance. The GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card is threatening to the previous high-end graphics card GTX 1080. It can run all modern games with the original FullHD resolution (240 Hz display) at maximum settings.