What are the home fitness equipment suitable for girls? A week's experience summary of commonly used equipment

 Nowadays, with the promotion and popularization of some public accounts, and the pursuit of a healthy and perfect body, many people are beginning to realize the importance of fitness. But because of daily work, it is estimated that everyone will not have time to go to the gym to exercise. Therefore, doing sports at home has become a daily routine for many people. So what are the home fitness equipment suitable for girls?

On the occasion of Double Eleven, the floor mainly gives you some suggestions based on the equipment used by the wife. This is also the first female product list written by the hostWhat are the home fitness equipment suitable for girls?  A week's experience summary of commonly used equipment

1. Kettlebell

Kettlebell training can enhance your strength, endurance, cardiorespiratory function, improve physical coordination and flexibility, and also increase bone density. This will help you improve your overall sports performance. Because kettlebell training is systemic and intense, it consumesenergyVery large, very suitable for women who want to lose fat.

Disadvantages: High degree of freedom. When doing exercises, all participating joints and angles of movement must be well controlled

Purchase: Find the right product according to your actual situation.

Two, yoga ball

The yoga ball's movement arrangement is aimed at the abdomen, back, waist and other parts, with slow and rhythmic breathing for stretching and squeezing, so that the muscles can be effectively massaged and relaxed, which can consume fat and improve people's flexibility, strength, and balance. , Posture, cardiopulmonary function, help reduce mental stress and shape the body curve.

Disadvantages: bulky and occupy space;

Purchase: The original owner's wife bought it casually, lacking patience, and took it as a chairWhat are the home fitness equipment suitable for girls?  A week's experience summary of commonly used equipment

Three, stepper

The stepper moves from top to bottom, from left to right, and from front to back. It can effectively reduce excess fat on the abdomen, waist, buttocks and legs. It can also strengthen the heart and lungs. Features.

Disadvantages: There are a lot of precautions.

1. Step machine exercise requires constant stepping, and the balance of the body needs to be maintained during this process;

2. The speed of body stretching and stretching should be mastered. Suddenly fast and slow, or when the twist is large and small, the movement relaxation jumps too much, etc., it will easily cause muscle strain and cause knee and waist. Also face greater danger;

3. Can't stand on tiptoe or step on to the bottom,

Four, exercise bike

The exercise bike has moderate exercise intensity and small amount of exercise. It does not have high requirements for physical fitness and physical fitness. The barrier-free exercise bike for girls is an aerobic metabolic exercise. Through continuous cycling , you can consume calories and burn while exercising. Fat; and don’t delay reading or watching dramas during exercise, which is safer.

Disadvantages: not found yet

Recommended purchase: NEXGIM AI power exercise bike

Reasons for recommendation: First, the price is very reasonable, only 1799 yuan, compared with five or six thousand exercise bikes, the wallet will not bleed; secondly, the overall structure of the exercise bike is very small, covering an area of ​​less than 0.5 square meters, and the owner’s small room is also Can easily put it down!

Riding is effortless. Because it uses intelligent motor damping to replace traditional mechanical resistance, the resistance can be adjusted intelligently, and the exercise intensity is relatively reasonable.

Of course, what attracts posters and wives most is that NEXGIM APP has a wealth of teaching courses, including power classes, video courses and route challenges. The power class includes beginner courses, fat burning and weight loss courses, and continuous endurance courses. Each course has more detailed divisions, such as 30 minutes of fat burning, 45 minutes of cycle burning, etc. It is easy to find a riding course that suits you. .

Course animation

The NEXGIM AI exercise bike app is designed with a variety of customized problems. Depending on the problem, you can set different powers for different people. A professional teacher will lead you to train in the video, which can ensure the user's physical strength and riding. It will not be too tired, and will not cause damage to the knees and other parts.

On the basic page of the NEXGIM AI power exercise bike mobile phone APP, you can see the total mileage that has been ridden and some other cycling information, and we can also check some knowledge points about cycling fitness, for those who have no cycling fitness experience Users can quickly enter the state, so my KEEP has been useless for a long time!

It is reported that the NEXGIM AI-powered exercise bike was selected into the Xiaomi Mall APP "Xiaomi 11.11 Smart Explosive Ranking List", which is a comprehensive list calculated based on user search, sales, praise and other data. Every product on the list is a good product that is truly recognized and loved by users, and users can choose with confidence.

Finally, I wish you all a happy hand chop~